VLB4272 - Non setting gasket sealer

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BondLoc VLB4272 Non Setting Gasket Sealer 75ml  (Loctite 5180 Equivalent), is one of the quality products from UK based company Bondloc, supplied by Vapormatic.

Blue non-setting gasket sealant.

Non-cracking formulation.

Alternative to all Hermetite colours.

Similar to VLB4060 but more commonly used to seal alloy housings.

Allows dis and re-assembly.

Typical applications include engine gasket covers, cylinder heads, water pumps and pipe joints.

Colour: Blue. 75ml

Equivalent to Loctite Ref: 5180

Our range of sealant products have been designed to adhere well to most substrates and eliminate the need to use specific primers.

Their versatility and durability offer exceptional performance in all kinds of demanding sealing and bonding applications.

Application forGaskets
Cure Time24hrs
Gap Fill0.5mm
Loctite Ref.Loctite 5180
Pack size75ml
Product colourBlue
Range Min/Max temperature-55 - +270c
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