Stud lock and seal High Strength 50ml

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BondLoc VLB4284  Stud lock High Strength anerobic adhesive 50ml (Loctite 270 & 271 Equivalent), is one of the quality products from UK based company Bondloc, supplied by Vapormatic.

Stud lock High strength anaerobic adhesive designed to give a fast and reliable cure on coarse threaded components.

Excellent solvent resistance gives maximum security.

Colour: Red. 50ml.

Equivalent to Loctite Ref: 271

Our range of anaerobics include thread lockers, pipe seals, gaskets grades and retaining compounds to suit a wide range of automotive, agricultural, industrial and precision engineering applications.

Anaerobic adhesives cure only in the absence of air and in the presence of metal, and are designed to form a tough durable polymer which exhibits excellent chemical and environmental resistances.

Adhesion strengthHigh
Application forStuds
Breakaway Strength40Nm
Cure Time2hrs
Gap Fill0.25mm
Loctite Ref.Loctite 271
Pack size50ml
Product colourRed
Range Min/Max temperature-55 - +150c
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