Evo230 Xtreme Steel

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Cut up to 80m of 12mm mild steel plate before a replacement blade is required.

The EVOSAW230 steel cutting circular saw with a 48 tooth, 230mm steel blade has an impressive cutting depth of 84mm and slices through 12mm thick mild steel plate with ease. Offering the highest grade industrial metal cutting performance on the market, the robust and highly durable design of the EVOSAW230 delivers the ultimate in cold cutting technology, making it ideal for the heavy-duty and rigorous tasks of cutting steel plate, box section, cast iron pipe, scaffolding, cladding, roofing and more!

No heat, no burrs and virtually no sparks when cut ting steel with no coolant needed, giving you an instantly usable finish that is cool to the touch - out performing alternative methods of cut ting metal.

Versatile and easy set-up features include a quickly adjustable depth of cut and 0 - 45° bevel tilt. Plus an integrated laser guide to aid accurate cut ting. Other features include a safety switch with overload protection and an auto-debris collection system.

Supplied with : 230mm TCT steel blade, side handle, fence guide, 2 x battery, wrench and carry case. Optional 230mm speciality blades available for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminium and wood. The combination of an Evolution saw and the comprehensive specialist blade range available enables you to cut an incredibly vast variety of materials and applications.

Features and Benefits:

The remarkable EVO230 Steel Cutting Circular Saw builds on the phenomenal Evolution 230 and incorporates even more revolutionary technology.
Ideal for cutting steel plate, box section, cast iron pipe, scaffolding, cladding and roofing.
Cut steel without heat, burrs & virtually no sparks! No coolant required.
Optional 230mm blades cuts steel, stainless steel, aluminium and wood!
0 - 45° Bevel tilt.
Laser guided accuracy.
Technical Specification:

Power - 1750W
Max. Depth Cut 90° - 84mm
Max. Depth Cut 45º - 53mm
Max. Cutting Thickness (Mild Steel Plate) - 12mm
Speed - 2700RPM
Weight - 9kg
Supplied With:

230mm TCT steel blade
Side handle
Fence guide
2 x battery
Carry case

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