VFM2002 Power brake kit

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VFM2002 Power brake kit

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The Power Trailer Brake is a 3 in 1 braking system, and is simple and quick to install.

Hydraulically powered from the existing brake line.

It is designed as a failsafe spring loaded system and is connected to the brake arms by a
steel cable.

The brake is controlled by a 12 volt valve which automatically applies the brake when the power
supply is off.

The brake can then be released byreconnecting the power supply and hydraulically recharging the power brake by depressing the brake pedal.

VFM2002 provides a cost effective high quality solution to trailer braking.

?Failsafe spring loaded braking system ?

Works independently to the standard tractor brakes ?

Automatically applies brakes in the event of a runaway ?

Automatically applies hand-brake when detached from the tractor unit ?

Automatically brakes in the event of the tractor stalling on an Incline ?

Easily fitted to most trailers. ?

One Simple 12 Volt connection to Tractor Unit. ?

Extremely Low Maintenance.


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