SCI90SB Schumacher Charger

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SCI90SB Schumacher Charger

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Powerful 20Amp output microprocessor controlled battery charger suitable for batteries up to 230Ah.

Digital display and 150Amp engine start function, makes this unit ideal for every workshop.

Speed Charge technology maximises charge input. Unit is self-adjusting with variable charge rates to ensure shortest possible charge time while minimizing the risk of gassing and damage to the battery.

Charges 6V or 12V batteries 3 times quicker than conventional battery chargers.

Dedicated charging programmes for AGM/gel, conventional, leisure and stop/start batteries with fully automated charging algorithms including de-sulphating mode.

Deep discharge battery programme to help the recovery of deeply discharged batteries.

The charge rate selector allows the operator to override the standard charge rate and choose a soft-start programme for very cold batteries, which also enables the charging and maintenance of small batteries.

Featuring fast charge programme for larger batteries and 3A slow charge programme for charging and maintaining smaller batteries.

Includes automatic maintenance mode to keep batteries at optimum levels for extended periods of time.

Reverse polarity protection and automatic shut-off are included as standard.

Includes built-in digital voltmeter and state-of-charge test with wipe clean touch pad controls.

SCI90SB Schumacher Charger

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