Neosorexa Rtu 1kg Tub

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VV11002 Neosorexa Rtu Rat Bait 1kg Tub

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Specifications - Uses Fortec™ advanced rodent control technology.
- Designed to encourage the natural feeding behaviour of the rodents through; touch and feel, smell, taste and also sight.
- Encourages rats and mice to consume an increased amount of bait, and also to consume this amount quicker.
- Even when other foods are available the Fortec™ technology means that the bait is more arresting than the other food sources.
Benefits - Controlling rodent populations quicker and more reliably than normal cut wheat difenacoum baits.
- Fortec™ is a patented technology, which significantly improves the rodenticide consumption by making the bait more appealing and arresting.
- Increasing the speed at which a lethal dose is consumed. Over 60% consuming a lethal dose of difenacoum on the first day of the bait being available. Then 100% consuming a lethal dose after the second day.
- Reducing the contamination and consumption of other food sources and also reducing the damage to property. Compared to a normal cut wheat difenacoum based rodenticide.
Application - Professional use only.
- Agricultural and industrial sites.
- Can be used for indoor and outdoor locations, (as long as protected from weather and non target species).
Properties - European Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) number = UK-2012-0304.
- Fortec™ technology has also shown during field trials, to have a significantly reduced neophobic (fear of new objects) reaction, (over 20% reduction). When compared to a standard bait.
- Made with loose cut wheat grain.
- Comes as a ready to use bait.
Consists of - Active ingrediant = Difenacoum, (content (W / W): 0.005%).
- Neosorexa Gold bait.
- Re-sealable container.
Bait pack size1kg
Bait typeLoose

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