VLC5501 Vehicle Immobiliser

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VLC5501 Vehicle Immobiliser

Quick to instal and easy to use keypad vehicle immobiliser system. - Uses state of the art DD2+ technology - Wireless keypad operation for maximum protection, even when the keys are left in the ignition -

Keycode must be entered to start vehicle, even with the key in the ignition switch. 

Multiple driver access with keycodes.

The keypad can accept up to 6 unique PIN (personal identification number) codes (5 user codes and 1 master code) of 4 to 6 digits in length

The keypad has LED status indicators and back lighting to ensure clear visibility even in the dark 

A keypad override disc is provided for total control and emergency mobilisation. The disc deactivates the immobiliser remotely from up to 5 meters from the blockers 

2 separate wireless blockers for double the protection against cloned key fob wireless transmitted signal vehicle starting

2 years warranty (1 year standard and a free 2nd year when registered on www.vapormatic.com/security


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