APX4 Supafix Adhesive & Reinforcing Powder

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Supa-Fix APX4 Ultra Strength Adhesive and Reinforcing Filling Powders

Supa-Fix repairs are robust and can be ground, filed, tapped, sanded and painted!

The adhesive and powders are resistant to fluids like oil, petrol and battery acid and heat resistant up to 356°F / 180°C.

The application nozzle makes it incredibly accurate to use, ideal for assembling smallercomponents.

Supa-Fix can be used to fill holes and cracks by simply taping over the back of the hole and fill with Supa-Fix reinforcing powder.

Apply the ultra strength adhesive and in seconds the hole is filledto leave a perfect repair.

Supa-Fix can then be drilled or screwed into if needed.

With over 20 years in the DIY/Professional Adhesive and tool market Supa-Fix was created.

Supa-Fix is a British company based in the steel city Sheffield, England.

At Supa-Fix we are dedicated in supplying top quality adhesives and are manufacturers of the original APX4 Ultra strength adhesive & reinforcing filling powders.

Unlike traditional adhesive glue on the market today, Supa-Fix APX4 comes with a welding powder which when combined with Supa-Fix ultra-strength adhesive creates an exothermic reaction and sets rock hard in seconds!

There are so many different ways of repairing things these days and having to wait for adhesives to cure is time consuming and unnecessary.

At Supa-Fix we know that when something breaks you want to be able to fix it immediately!

This was the birth of APX4 allowing the repair of a breakage to happen in seconds!

There are many applications that standard super glue can be used for to repair a problem.

At Supa-Fix we wanted to be better than standard superglue and therefore created Supa-Fix ultra-strong adhesive which, when combined with the Supa-Fix black or grey welding powder will repair a breakage with unbelievable strength.

Box Contains

2 x 10ml Ultra Strength Adhesive
1 x 10ml Grey Filling Powder
1 x Black Filling Powder
1 x Application Nozzle
1 x Anti Curing Pin
1 x Instruction Booklet

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