VLB4288 - Bearing Retainer Adhesive Medium Strength 25ml

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BondLoc VLB4288  High Strength retainer 25ml (Loctite 641Equivalent), is one of the quality products from UK based company Bondloc, supplied by Vapormatic.

Medium strength anaerobic adhesive designed to retain components such as bearings, liners and bushes requiring easy disassembly. Max gap fill 0.2mm

Colour: Yellow. 25ml.

Equivalent to Loctite Ref: 641

Our range of anaerobics include thread lockers, pipe seals, gaskets grades and retaining compounds to suit a wide range of automotive, agricultural, industrial and precision engineering applications.

Anaerobic adhesives cure only in the absence of air and in the presence of metal, and are designed to form a tough durable polymer which exhibits excellent chemical and environmental resistances.

Adhesion strengthHigh
Application forBearings
Breakaway Strength12Nm
Cure Time10-15mins
Gap Fill0.2mm
Loctite Ref.Loctite 641
Pack size25ml
Product colourYellow
Range Min/Max temperature-55 - +150c
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