Electrostart 1224 1600A 12/24v

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E/START1224 Electrostart 1224 1600A 12/24v

The ideal solution to jump start medium size vehicles.

A vehcile with a partially charged battery won't start,

but with at least 9 volts in the vehicle battery to draw on,

the Electrostart will provide a portable starting solution.

The Electrostart pack is connected to the battery and energised
with the residual battery energy.

The internal capacitors then release the sufficient voltage when you turn the iginition key.

Innovative technology with no internal battery so no need to wait hours for the unit to charge before use.

Simple and safe to use with no long term battery storage issues.

Can be fully energised in a matter of minutes.

If the vehicle battery is faulty or is holding less than 5 volts the ElectroStart1224 can be pre-charged via another vehicle's 12 or 24V battery and be capable of starting a 24V vehicle even when charged via a 12V battery.

Compact and lightweight for easy handling and storage, yet still delivers the same result as heavy, bulky, lead acid battery equivalents.

Ideal for the professional mechanic and DIY users.

Supplied in a tough storage case.

Output Voltage12v / 24v
Output Start Peak (EN)12v 1000A (500A) / 24v 1600A (800A)
Voltage12v / 24v

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