Instant Superglue type Metal bonder

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BondLoc VLB4292 Instant Superglue type Metal Bonder Adhesive 20g (Loctite 415 Equivalent), is one of the quality products from UK based company Bondloc, supplied by Vapormatic.

Gap filling metal bonding superglue type adhesive.

Ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics including UPVC, wood and many other materials.

Colour: Clear. 20gm

Equivalent to Loctite Ref: 415

Our range of strong fast-acting cyanoacrylates adhesives are suited for a variety of industrial and engineering applications.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives cure through reaction with moisture held on the surfaces to be bonded.

They require close fitting joints and usually solidify in seconds which has resulted in the universal generic name of "superglues".

Gelled variants are also available to allow curing of wider gaps wider and ideal for vertical and overhead surfaces.

Loctite Ref.Loctite 415
Application forGeneral
Breakaway Strength15-25Nm
Product colourClear
Adhesion strengthMedium
Pack size20g
Cure Time25-40secs

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