04289 Sanitising Air Compressor

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04289 Sany+ Air Sanitising Compressor

The Sany+ Air Compressor, from NARDI, is a professional oil-free compressor designed for efficient and safe sanitisation of spaces.

Helping to protect customers, colleagues, and the public. Designed for surface disinfection and sanitisation.

For all types of public and private spaces. Protects customers, colleagues, and the public

Micronebulises sanitising liquid through a unique spray gun with a specially-designed spray nozzle.

Produces fine mist down to approx. 50 microns or less, to ensure surfaces are disinfected but dry.

Quick and easy sanitisation of surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas and more confined spaces.

Compact, portable, and lightweight design.

Product features:

Input Supply 230v (13A)

Motor Power 0.5hp (350w)

Max. Pressure 30psi (2 bar)

Liquid Delivery 60litres/min

Noise Level 72dB(A)

Spray Gun Capacity 700ml

Air Nebulisation ~50 microns

Working Pressure 30psi (2 bar)

Hose Length 5 metres

Gun Weight 350g

Net Weight 7.00kg


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