Enzyme fuel additive 1 Litre

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Vapormatic VLB1045 Enzyme fuel additive 1 Litre

Keeping your fuel clean – Controlling ‘Diesel Algae’ When diesel fuel sits in a tank with excessive air space, the daily temperature changes produce condensation (water formation) on tank walls.

This water falls into the fuel where it sinks to the bottom, providing a breeding ground for the bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi known as “diesel algae.”

These ever-present spores thrive in warmer climates, living in the water layer and feeding on the hydrocarbon fuel.

If left untreated, these can form large colonies that can ruin fuel, causing serious clogging in fuel filters, fuel lines, and can damage fuel injectors. Common treatment for this problem up until now has been the use of a biocide to kill existing growth and prevent a future infestation.

The use of a biocide can however cause other problems. Once the growth is killed, the resulting biomass settles to the tank bottom where it decays, forming organic acids.

The acids then deteriorate the fuel and cause corrosion of the tank walls, injectors and fuel delivery system.

Additionally, biocides can be harmful to all those who handle them or come in contact with treated fuel, plus they can cause environmental damage if spilled.

Star Tron uses Enzyme Technology to disperse microbial growth throughout the fuel. These microbial particles are then either safely burned away or filtered out.

Other features:  Cleans injectors, fuel delivery system and combustion chambers

Dramatically increases the shelf life of fuel. Star Tron treated diesel will keep for up to two years 

Up to 80% reduction in carbon soot emissions

Increases fuel economy by improving the combustion process

Restores the condition of old fuel; improving cetane ratings, removing water and breaks down deposits.

Typical use: Diesel storage tanks ? Vehicles left for long periods over the winter (ideally before they are put into storage but even before first use will restore old fuel)

250ml bottle – Treats up to 1,000 litres of diesel

suitable for use with 28 and 35 second Domestic heating Oil

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