AVS-WTK1 Wireless Trailer Lighting Kit

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AVS-WTK1 Wireless Trailer Lighting Kit

LED Elements for rear red marker light, red brake light, orange indicator light and white numberplate light 

We all know what a hassle it is to feed the cable from your tow ball all the way to the back of the trailer.

Or suddenly find your wiring has been eaten away by rodents quietly since you last used the unit.

Which you only discover when you plug in and check the lights....

Our latest wireless system offers a swift and simple alternative:

Utilising a standard 12N plug fitted with a wireless transmitter,
it pairs to the two rechargeable light clusters that
magnetically mount tothe rear of your trailer.

With an impressive 30 metre range and 8
hours running time, you are good to go and go!

The light units are IP65 level certified against dust and directed water (rain, or from a hose).

Easily equip:

Vehicles on tow

Farm implements

Articulated trailers

Lorry and Drag setups

Vehicles on tow, which may have no battery power

Towed units with damaged wiring 

Or add as a set of high level lights on tall trailers and stock boxes. 

Unit Voltage12v
Unit TypeCombination
Unit Light ColourRed-Amber-White
Unit Bulb TypeLED
Unit MountingMagnetic

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