AG05K12 Welding Visor Mask

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AG05K12 Welding Visor Mask

The new Weltek Auto Darkening K-12 Visor and Shroud for welding in restricted areas. 

Compact, light, and fitted with Weltek’s near-perfect optical clarity True Colour visor technology, makes the K-12 suitable for all welding processes.

Please note that the visor glass is not grinder safe for use in grinding operations.

Great for seeing into those hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to get into, where wearing a traditional and bulkier welding helmet might prevent you from being able to see exactly where to start the weld.

The visor is spacious enough on the inside for the user to wear a pair of glasses underneath the welding goggles, but compact enough for it to be worn alongside a hardhat or other protective headgear.

Fitted with two reliable arc sensors and powered by a lithium battery, charged in turn by solar panels.

Sensitivity from low to high, featuring a near-instant switching speed (0.1ms) and a standard-sized viewing area (90 x 35mm), with adjustable welding shade (DIN 9-12 | DIN 5 for cutting and DIN 3 for clear).

Each unit comes with a Flame Retardant fabric Protection Hood to protect the users head from weld spatter and UV light.

Auto darkening welding glass with True Colour definition has established its place in today's welding operations.

This unit offers the perfect solution for automotive welders where getting into a wheel arch or underneath a car is required and seeing in true colour is essential. 

Ordinarily, a standard welding helmet can make your welding experience difficult in these types of situations, which is where this compact unit comes into its own.

Key features:

True Colour Technology

Compact and lightweight

Suitable for all welding processes

Allows users to work in spaces where access with traditional helmets is limited

Can be worn in conjunction with a Hard Hat

Glasses can be worn under the visor


Welding Shade: DIN 9 -12

Cutting Shade: DIN 5

Clear Shade: DIN 3

Arc Sensors: 2

Switching Speed: 0.1ms

Viewing Area: 93 x 43mm

Lens Technology: True Colour

Optical Classification: 1/1/1/2

Sensitivity Adjustment: Low - High

Delay Time: 0.5 seconds

 Warranty [FW & T]: 2 years

 CE Standards: EN166, EN175, EN379

 Operating Temperature: -5C + 55C



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