Press To Check ABEK1P3 Filters (2)

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BMN750-000-600 Press To Check ABEK1P3 Filters (2)

Supplied as a pair

PressToCheckABEK1 P3 Filters

How can you be sure that you have donned your mask correctly? 
With the new patent pending Force8™ PressToCheck™ filters you can instantly check that you have the correct seal every time.

Award winning
Winner of the BSIF Product Innovation Award. 

Don the Mask - Put the straps and harness over your head and pull the straps to a suitably tight and comfortable fit.

PressToCheck™ - Press the front and backs of both filter covers together to stop air from entering through the filters.

Inhale - No air should come through the mask. Adjust the mask and repeat until it doesn't. Release when seal is made. 

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